AboutUspageHow this all started: The Martini Club was started in May of 2003. One day Jennifer Peters and her good friend said, “Bob, why don’t you start a Martini Club?” So I ran with it and now it has grown to over 1500 members. My wife, Cindy, has really helped me a lot by putting the final details together. There are members from all over the world; England, Scotland, Chile and also from all over the United States.

A special thanks goes to Tom Bates for the design of our Martini Club logo. Many thanks to all my liquor and wine representatives for some of the delicious recipes, creative ideas and for all the donation of prizes. We have had wine tastings and a special night of whiskey tasting at a sit down dinner with John Barrett. John is the talented whiskey professor from Jack Daniels. Smoky’s also featured a Finlandia Vodka tasting night and a beer tasting with Burkoff Brewery. Let’s not forget the Lake Mills Martini Club Chapter, the Badger and the “Q” Girls.

Smoky’s now boasts over 150 different Martinis and there are still more to come! A new martinis will be named after a martini member when they concoct a new martini potion.

I invite you to¬†join this fun club. All you need to do is sign a card with your name and E-maili address on it. You will then get a club card and for every eighth martini that you enjoy, you will receive the ninth one on the us! Martinis are not the only things that we have fun with. There are wine and beer tastings too. Join the club and buy some great T-Shirts why don’t you!

In case the fun is too much, we do have “Safe Rider” on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

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  1. Jennifer Peters - November 25, 2015 at 9:34 am

    Smoky’s has the greatest mixologist in the World! Bob Perry’s extraordinary martinis are featured in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Wine and Food, and so many more. His libations are not only great tasting but they also are works of art!
    Thank you Martini Bob for all that you do. We love you much!

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